Epoxy Countertops & Tabletops

We Build New Surfaces and Pour Beautiful Metallic Epoxy Counter & Table Designs to Your Specs
& Provide Professional, Clean Installation.

Counter Intelligence is doing counter and tabletops the intelligent way.  Our metallic epoxy countertops are the perfect solution for those looking to revitalize their old worn-out, stained, damaged or outdated counters, and other furniture. From kitchens and bathrooms to restaurants and bars, our solutions are an affordable option to stone finishes like marble, granite or quarts but still have all the durability and elegant style. We also have other stone, wood or even metal texture options. Even if we build you a custom new counter, our prices are far lass than stone cutting and installation or rare and artsy counter designs.

Epoxy Countertops, you may have seen videos of this process and thought about doing it yourself, only to find out that making a mistake with this process is hard and expensive to fix or the stone and other looks you were going for just didn't come out right. Counter Intelligence is highly skilled artisans that will make your counters look just like marble, granite quartz, butcher block, copper or other cool surfaces.  The added bonus is that we can make our surfaces incorporate custom colors that pull together existing colors in you home of business. If you have tan tiles we can add tan colors or veins to make it look like it was custom sourced just for your home, office or restaurant. 

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Counter Intelligence

is Counters Done the Intelligent Way: Newly Fabricated, Artistically Poured and Professionally Installed

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